Playstation 5 PS5 HDMI Encoder Chip Replacement Repair Reading UK
PS5 Playstation 5 HDMI Controller IC Chip Repair/Replacement
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PS5 Playstation 5 HDMI Controller IC Chip Repair/Replacement

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PS5 HDMI Chip Replacement. Is this the right repair for you?

>PS5 HDMI port looks okay but no output
>Light on the PS5 still goes from blue to white
>PS5 only outputs in 576p
>PS5 shows red, blue or sometimes a snowy screen

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What causes the PS5 HDMI IC Chip fault?

This has always been a repair that we have carried out, but recently has become more and more common. Because we are seeing this more often in recent times with older consoles, we are putting it down to an age related chip failure.

We also see this fault happening a lot with newer consoles with customers who regularly move their PS5 around, or switch the outputs. Some customers who only use one HDMI cable with their TV will change it between the Playstation 5 and a set top box for example.  This constant swapping of the cable seems to have an effect on the chips failing too.

How do we repair the PS5 HDMI Chip?

To repair this fault we need to carefully strip the console down to the motherboard. From there we will inspect the HDMI port to make sure it isn’t damaged, and could therefore be the fault. If it is, the repair is slightly cheaper CLICK HERE for our PS5 HDMI Port Replacement Repair. 

The Playstation 5 HDMI Controller IC Chip is covered by a shield on the motherboard so we need to carefully remove this. Once we have, we have access to the HDMI controller chip.

The chip is surface mounted so we carefully de-solder the chip from the motherboard. We then clean up the solder pads and inspect their integrity.

We then place a new PS5 HDMI chip on the motherboard and solder it down. We use a top of the range soldering iron, good flux and a microscope to ensure the job is done well.

We then reassemble the console ready for testing.

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