Nintendo Switch Game Card Reader Repair
Nintendo Switch Game Card Reader Repair
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Nintendo Switch Game Card Reader Repair

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Nintendo Switch Game Card Reader Repair. Is this the right repair for you?

Nintendo Switch doesn’t read game cartridges
Nintendo Switch Game Card Reader is physically damaged

The KittDigital Service

  • No-Fix No-Fee
  • Courier Collection available
  • 3 – 5 working day standard turnaround 
  • High-quality parts only
  • Price includes parts and return delivery via UPS or DPD

What causes a Nintendo Game Card Reader fault?

The main reason we see when Nintendo Switches with Game Card port failures come in are due to accidental damage. If  a game card is inserted incorrectly the pins inside the reader can become bent or misaligned.

How do we repair a Nintendo Switch Game Card Reader?

The first thing we do before any repair is physically inspect your Nintendo switch Game Card Reader to see any damage.  If there is visible damage then we won’t even try testing the console further as turning it on or inserting a game cartridge could cause further damage to the internals of your Nintendo Switch. We then proceed to opening your Nintendo Switch to gain access to the internals.

We inspect the internal parts to confirm the fault lies with the Game Card Reader and once confirmed we will replace the reader for a fully working one.

Once a new Game Card Reader is in place on your Nintendo Switch we will test that it consistently reads game cartridges.

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